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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

special comment: '#freekesha - a response' (VIDEO)

Well, this happened. Hope it goes over well, but even as I read more stories about this, I can't help but feel my information will be woefully outdated.

Eh, it happens. Next up, Billboard BREAKDOWN, so stay tuned!

special comment: #freekesha - a response

I hoped that I would never have to make this.

In 2013, I made an extended Special Comment video surrounding the mismanagement of pop star Kesha's career, culminating in the cancellation of the collaboration project she made with the Flaming Lips, Lip$ha. In said Special Comment, I outlined all of the reasons why this was an asinine decision that ultimately cost them a considerable profit and the opportunity to market a more versatile and bankable star instead of doubling down on club boom trends that were nearing their final moments. Granted, the entire Warrior rollout and promotion had been a catastrophe where the labels had repeatedly shot themselves in the foot, to the point where you could argue it was intentional sabotage.